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Le coffret anti-taupe

COmmande coffret anti-taupe : écologique, efficace et facile
  • Why 8 rusty traps?

  • It is statistically the optimum number of traps that meets the criteria of a 100% proven record of success contrary to other techniques which offer to trap only one place (its record of success will fall to only 7 %).
    The ready-for-use traps will avoid waiting 3 months to get rusty!
  • Why a book?

  • Manufacturers of mole traps rival each other in inventiveness to launch new products on the market (for which no effective results are required...).
    The miracle products stating "Trap set in 2 minutes" do not require any specific knowledge. Only the book will help you getting acknowledged with mole trapping!
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8 pièges rouillés
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